ESG & Sustainability Reporting

Our team of professional consultants and analysts are able to prepare a customized ESG and Sustainability report which demonstrated compliance with rules, regulations and standards, such as the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited's (HKEX) listing rules, the Singapore Exchange's (SGX) listing rules and the GRI Standards.

We provide strategic recommendations on disclosures; assist clients in smartly identifying ESG reporting boundaries; save unnecessary costs on work and time, so as to utilize time and resources. We will also assist them to incorporate better ESG management into the company's operation, risk management and internal control system.

Our services include but not limited to:
–Assist in the identification of reporting scope
–Recommend on approach for materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement
–Tailor-made ESG data collection
–Advice on setting effective ESG goals and targets
–Provide recommendations on improving reporting performance